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Chống sét năng lượng mặt trời PSC PV

Liên hệ

PSC PV is the range of combined devices for discharging lightning currents (Type 1 / Class I), and protecting against induced transient overvoltages (Type 2 / Class II), for Photovoltaic installations, in accordance with EN 50539-11. DIN rail plug-in format.

  • Suitable as protection for combiner boxes in areas with greater exposure to the atmosphere, where installations are usually provided with an external lightning protection system.
  • High current discharge capacity with a 8/20 μs waveform. Imax: 40 kA.
  • Discharges impulse currents with a 10/350 μs waveform. Iimp: 5 kA.
  • Exclusive devices for photovoltaic systems according to EN 50539-11. Maximum voltage rating 1000 Vdc.
  • Remote and visual indication of protection device life status.
  • No back-up fuse required thanks to a dynamic thermal disconnection system with a breaking capacity of 10kA (Iscpv).


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